Entrepreneur raises hope of renewal for Oconee mill village

Entrepreneur raises hope of renewal for Oconee mill village
This might quickly alter, however, now that an entrepreneur with enterprise ties to China has begun redeveloping an old college house along Newry Road with plans to launch an industrial coatings factory and hire much more than 30 individuals more than time. County …
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The accurate expense of outsourcing molds to China
Even so, all too frequently the decision to source a mold from North America or China frequently rests on initial acquisition expenses alone, and we believe this is a short-sighted strategy. So, why do molds get sourced to China? Direct labor charges remain very …
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Carbon Footprint: Reynolds&#39 Bike Wheel Factory Tour
We begin out in the center of the factory floor at the CNC machines, exactly where mold-maker Mike Shiba cuts huge, heavy aluminum molds that will be employed in the Sandy factory and also sent to Hong Zhou, China. That&#39s exactly where Reynolds owns a second plant for …
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