Kremlin Assumes Financial Burden of Keeping Lenin&#39s Mummy Looking Fresh

Kremlin Assumes Economic Burden of Keeping Lenin&#39s Mummy Looking Fresh
The exquisitely taxidermied corpse of Russia&#39s communist revolutionary turns 146 subsequent week. Just this January, two Russian deputies urged to “end the outrage” and “inhumanity” and bury Lenin already, the “Christian” way, but Putin didn&#39t want to …
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How can we reduce concrete&#39s hefty carbon footprint?
The Canadian organization CarbonCure Technologies has developed a process that injects waste CO2 into a standard concrete production procedure, efficiently replacing a modest quantity of cement with CO2 with no compromising the concrete&#39s strength or integrity …
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LG G5 evaluation – Checks all the boxes, but modularity is a bust
When LG introduced the G5, its 2016 flagship Android smartphone, during Mobile Planet Congress, the firm mentioned it created a unique design for a single purpose – because components are all excellent adequate and, therefore, all smartphones are becoming … Confident …
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