Latest Plastic Tooling China News

Another Airplane Manufacturer Takes Wing in Washington&#39s Skies
Glasair&#39s workforce of about 40 people does the engineering, builds the tooling fixtures, fabricates most of the components and assembles the airplanes — all in-residence. In the composite shop there, Jeramy Olson stirred a catalyst into a small pot of glue. A …
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A salute to James Injection Molding and plastic classics
The firm shut down final summer, as the outcome of a combination of aspects, including losing enterprise to China and of a buyer taking its molding in-house. The Silovich household had owned and operated the modest company given that 1976. Plastics News editor …
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Concentrate on silicone reinvigorates MR Mold
“Most men and women don&#39t seem to comprehend that we have a background in creating plastic injection tools,” Finnie mentioned while hosting the AMBA on a tour of his operations in February. “We appear to have ourselves centered to exactly where we create silicone tools and …
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