Cool Plastic Injection Mould China pictures

Some cool plastic injection mould china images:

plastic injection mould china
Image by John Levanen
The Vickers Communications Dept. was filming at a plastics injection molding plant in Zhejiang. (1984.)
We have been recording Vickers items and applications.
Soon after a complete day of shooting our hosts took us to a late lunch,about 3:00PM.
What a lunch! We ate well and then began toasting with plum wine.We toasted China, the United States, and President Ronald Reagan.
We then got on a train for a three hour ride back to Shanghai.(That is a an additional story.)
What a day! I believe we strengthened PRC-American relatons.(At least I hope so.)
Photo by Staff Photographer Don Pas.
(I copied an old 5X7 print with my Nikon Coolpix. Quite cool.)


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