Cool China Mould images

A couple of nice china mould images I identified:

Field of Blood
china mould
Image by Brian Rinker
The year is 2052. Every thing has gone down the crapper right after the United States fell into economic ruin. They need to have known that China was up to anything, with them buying up much more and far more of the U.S., but it wasn’t until the North Korea/Chinese bombs started to fall that they knew exactly what kind of hell hole they had fallen into. After that it was just a hop, skip, and a jump until some of the higher European powers decided to bomb the s*** out of Asia, all that is left there is a crater filled nuclear desert and a few brave souls who live there.

That was just the starting although, in a matter of years two of the greatest superpowers on earth had been wiped off the map and all individuals wanted was peace, not war. The exact same powers that bombed Asia referred to as a planet council to produce a treaty to end the war, but the meeting turned into a killing grounds. It was at the so known as &quotwar on wars&quot summit that the terrorist organization only recognized as The Guild revealed themselves.

It turns out that The Guild had been behind every thing. They had pulled the strings that brought America into economic ruin. They had agents placed in influential positions in China and Korea to begin the war. The Prime Minister of England was really a Guild member, and with is power and influence he was capable to authorize the nuclear strikes in Asia, since &quotThe yanks need to have to be avenged.&quot They had been in a position to call the international summit and then assassinate 90% of the non Guild leaders of the 1st world nations. All that time had been place into a program that had one goal in mind, planet domination.

Boy, did they succeed. By the year 2035 they had united 70% of the world’s nations and by 2040, only Germany was left as independent. Germany soon fell and following that The Guild was totally free to mold the globe to match it is program. The Guild designed an utterly Fascist Military system of rule that was reminiscent of Medieval Occasions. The globe was decided up amongst the folks who had key roles in the uprising and provided to them and their sons to rule as extended as they remained loyal to the Supreme Guild Leader.

By 2050 most folks had come to accept their fate. As lengthy as we worked diligently for our lords our lives have been relatively great. We had food most days, could have 1 son and one particular daughter and could count on to be offered for. Only if we complied to their guidelines although. That is why I tell this story to you, my son, so you know your heritage and know why items are what they are right now. This is the truth, although the government will deny it, and know that you know the truth you need to pass it on to your youngsters so that one day they could be cost-free to reside as they want.&quot

-Lorenzo Freeman, to his son

&quotToday there be a hanging of three males charged with spreading malicious lies about the fantastic government and telling false, fanciful tales about the glorious history of this government.

-By order of Lord Darkwing, May 4th, 2052

Pyro Mould China Factory
china mould
Image by EpicFireworks


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