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Image by Hasenpfeffer Incorporated
We make and sells dolls, teddy bears, and such. But this isn’t a plug for our organization. As a reaction to the dangerous-toy scare last year, the Consumer Solution Security Commission designed one thing called the Customer Merchandise Security Improvement Act. It needs all producers of children’s goods to submit their products for testing for lead and phthalates.

While that is good in the general scheme, it has some potentially damaging side effects. The issue is that the typical testing fee runs a few thousand dollars. Creating matters worse, we would have to submit each and every single toy for testing since no two are alike (she makes her stuff from salvaged materials like old wool coats and such). Naturally you can see what this version of the act would do to the handmade toy and craft market (it is much more than macramé owls nowadays).

There is a possible remedy, although. Below is the unabridged copy from the Handmade Handmade Toy Alliance. Beneath are hyperlinks to a sample letter and to numerous legislators.

Save the USA from the CPSIA

In 2007, large toy producers who outsource their production to China and other establishing countries violated the public’s trust. They had been promoting toys with dangerously higher lead content material, toys with unsafe little element, toys with improperly secured and simply swallowed tiny magnets, and toys produced from chemical substances that made youngsters sick. Nearly each and every problem toy in 2007 was produced in China.

The United States Congress rightly recognized that the Customer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) lacked the authority and staffing to avert hazardous toys from being imported into the US. So it passed the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) in August, 2008. Amongst other items, the CPSIA bans lead and phthalates in toys, mandates third-celebration testing and certification for all toys and calls for toy makers to permanently label every single toy with a date and batch number.

All of these alterations will be relatively simple for huge, multinational toy makers to comply with. Large companies who make thousands of units of every toy have extremely tiny incremental cost to spend for testing and update their molds to include batch labels.

For small American, Canadian, and European toymakers, even so, the costs of mandatroy testing will likely drive them out of business.

* A toymaker, for instance, who tends to make wooden vehicles in his garage in Maine to supplement his income cannot afford the ,000 charge per toy that testing labs are charging to assure compliance with the CPSIA.

* A perform at property mom in Minnesota who tends to make dolls to sell at craft fairs must select either to violate the law or cease operations.

* A modest toy retailer in Vermont who imports wooden toys from Europe, which has extended had stringent toy safety requirements, have to now pay for testing on each toy they import.

* And even the handful of bigger toy makers who nonetheless employ workers in the United States face elevated fees to comply with the CPSIA, even although American-produced toys had nothing at all to do with the toy safety problems of 2007.

The CPSIA merely forgot to exclude the class of toys that have earned and kept the public’s trust: Toys produced in the US, Canada, and Europe. The outcome, unless the law is modified, is that handmade toys will no longer be legal in the US.

If this law had been applied to the meals industry, each and every farmers market place in the country would be forced to close while Kraft and Dole prospered.

How You can Help:
Please create to your United States Congress Particular person and Senator to request modifications in the CPSIA to save handmade toys. Use our sample letter or write your personal. You can find your Congress Individual here and Senator here.

Thank you so significantly!


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