NYC – Metropolitan Museum of Art – Meeting in between Emperor Wen and Fisherman Lü Shang

Some cool china mold images:

NYC – Metropolitan Museum of Art – Meeting among Emperor Wen and Fisherman Lü Shang
china mold
Image by wallyg
Meeting amongst Emperor Wen and Fisherman Lü Shang
Attributed to Kano Takanobu (1571-1618)
Momoyama period (1573-1615), ca. 1600
Pair of six-panel folding screens ink, color, and gold on gilded paper

The man in white at the head of the group on the right screen, Emperor Wen of ancient China’s Zhou dynasty (ca. 1050-256 B.C.), is accompanied by a retinue of ten attendants. His carriage stands at the intense appropriate whilst the group progresses toward the lone fisherman Lü Shang, represented on the left screen. Prior to setting out on a hunting trip, the emperor had received an oracle that he would meet a &quotwise man,&quot who turned out to be Lü Shang, identified in Japan as Taikōbō. The fisherman agreed to be the emperor’s counselor and helped establish the exalted zhou dynasty.

Sumptuous gold leaf covers the ground and sky, pierced by an undulating band of brilliant azure that signifies the Wei River, exactly where the two guys met. Increasing and descending mists are scallop edged, and decorative clouds embossed with abstract designs additional enrich the screen’s surface.

The tall, regal figures with expressive faces, specially their fish-shaped eyes, are reminiscent of these in signed and/or sealed functions by Kano Takanobu, the second son of the virtuoso Momoyama master Eitoku. Only two or three operates with his signature or seal are recognized nowadays.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art‘s permanent collection includes a lot more than two million operates of art from around the globe. It opened its doors on February 20, 1872, housed in a building located at 681 Fifth Avenue in New York City. Below their guidance of John Taylor Johnston and George Palmer Putnam, the Met’s holdings, initially consisting of a Roman stone sarcophagus and 174 largely European paintings, rapidly outgrew the accessible space. In 1873, occasioned by the Met’s purchase of the Cesnola Collection of Cypriot antiquities, the museum decamped from Fifth Avenue and took up residence at the Douglas Mansion on West 14th Street. Nonetheless, these new accommodations had been short-term right after negotiations with the city of New York, the Met acquired land on the east side of Central Park, where it built its permanent property, a red-brick Gothic Revival stone &quotmausoleum&quot created by American architects Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mold. As of 2006, the Met measures almost a quarter mile extended and occupies more than two million square feet, a lot more than 20 occasions the size of the original 1880 developing.

In 2007, the Metropolitan Museum of Art was ranked #17 on the AIA 150 America’s Favorite Architecture list.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was designated a landmark by the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission in 1967. The interior was designated in 1977.

National Historic Register #86003556

china mold
Image by lyng883
Shanghai Moon – is 1 of these couple of restaurants whose interior decor alone is worth the trip. And if you go in the middle of the evening you can have the location to oneself. It really is open 24-hours a day. From the elevator, adhere to the thinning red carpet down the hall and into the ballroom-style dining space, where the carpet springs back to life in a swirl of red, blue and cream. Choose a single of the mismatched embroidered chairs and sit down to a quintessential Chinese table, a pink carnation in a glass vase and a red tablecloth. See the majestic and old-fashioned surroundings: the antiques, the chandeliers, the grand ceiling with distinctive molding and alcoves with velvet curtains. On the walls, there are photos of Shanghai circa 1840s-1950s displaying the every day landmarks of the era (the initial division store, the 1st cinema, the Huangpu full of canoe-sized boats) as effectively as landmark events like Prince Chun of the Qing Dynasty’s parade down Nanjing Xi Lu. The menu is full of your normal Shanghainese fare, with a bit of Cantonese influence

aircon #1
china mold
Image by .evenwestvang
Gotta adore the way these AC units appear to have grown biologically on the surface. Like a mold feeding on a substrate of economic sources and low heat tolerance.

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