Verify out these china molding pictures:

china molding
Image by lyng883
Shanghai Moon – is 1 of these couple of restaurants whose interior decor alone is worth the trip. And if you go in the middle of the evening you can have the location to yourself. It is open 24-hours a day. From the elevator, stick to the thinning red carpet down the hall and into the ballroom-style dining area, where the carpet springs back to life in a swirl of red, blue and cream. Choose one of the mismatched embroidered chairs and sit down to a quintessential Chinese table, a pink carnation in a glass vase and a red tablecloth. See the majestic and old-fashioned surroundings: the antiques, the chandeliers, the grand ceiling with distinctive molding and alcoves with velvet curtains. On the walls, there are pictures of Shanghai circa 1840s-1950s displaying the every day landmarks of the era (the first division retailer, the 1st cinema, the Huangpu complete of canoe-sized boats) as effectively as landmark events like Prince Chun of the Qing Dynasty’s parade down Nanjing Xi Lu. The menu is full of your common Shanghainese fare, with a bit of Cantonese influence

Song of living #two
china molding
Image by ıusnɾ@w|©kedf|lm
Nikon F3 | 35/two

Pekan China (Chinatown) AOR

He is moulding coin slots’ parking meter from stainless steel sheet.

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