Nice Moulding Company photos

A couple of nice moulding organization images I located:

Rapidly Mold Business
moulding company
Image by corinnamakris
devil head edit

Old Kiln
moulding company
Image by Property#1
This is what I perceive to be a part of an old Kiln employed to to approach bricks. The text beneath will explain additional

Text and info from Wikipedia

The Don Valley Brick Performs have been designed in 1889 by the Taylor brothers. John Taylor and his brothers, William and George, had bought the site in the Don Valley in the 1830s where they established a paper mill. While digging post holes to make a fence, William came across some excellent top quality clay. He took a sample to a nearby brick performs where it was confirmed that it would make a high top quality brick. A quarry was soon established at the north end of the site and a brick creating plant was built at the south finish of the home close to the Don River.

The Don Valley Pressed Brick Company made bricks using 3 techniques. The initial was called a soft-mud approach. Clay quarried from the site was mixed with water from nearby Mud Creek, placed in moulds which were dried and then baked in kilns. A second approach named dry-press bricks utilized quarried shale. The shale was placed into moulds and machine pressed. A third process called stiff-mud employed a mixture of clay and shale that utilised less water than the soft-mud procedure. A column of clay was forced by means of a die which was then cut to kind utilizing a wire. Completed product was shipped by cart out of the valley along Pottery Road or by rail on a spur constructed into the yard. Bricks were used largely in Toronto but had been used across the continent. The bricks created were of such very good quality that they won prizes at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893 and the Toronto Industrial Fair in 1894.

In 1893, the organization added a continuous down-draft kiln which enhanced the good quality and amount of bricks produced. By 1907 the business had two of these kilns in operation and was producing in between 85,000 to one hundred,000 bricks per day.

Quickly Mold Organization
moulding company
Image by corinnamakris

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