Nomination 54 – Performance & Customization – Hidden Dome Lamp

A few nice bi injection molding method images I found:

Nomination 54 – Overall performance & Customization – Hidden Dome Lamp
bi injection molding process
Image by spe.automotive
•OEM Make &amp Model: Ford Motor Co. 2013MY Lincoln® MKZ® luxuary sedan
•Tier Supplier/Processor: Grupo Antolin / Pacfic Insight
•Material Supplier / Toolmaker: Styron LLC / Hong Kong Mould Manufacturing of Canada Ltd.
•Material / Method: Pulse® 2000EZ Computer/ABS / a number of
•Description: In order to give a &quotsurprise &amp delight&quot element, boost the sense of interior spaciousness, and achieve greatest-in-class rear-seat lighting, hidden dome lamp was integrated into the headliner behind the fabric and outfitted with capacitive switch technology so the lights can be turned off/on with the wave of a hand. A bi-laminate (fabric/foam) headliner enables for greater light transmissibility. The LED lamp’s housing is injection molded with Computer/ABS in a two-cavity injection tool that enables a clear window to be overmolded onto the housing for the duration of a 65 sec cycle.

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