Good Mold China pictures

A couple of good mold china photos I identified:

mold china
Image by Zi O-ne
Well now, we have a lengthy day beind us. I didn’t anticipate the post todays because IoS just shipped out a handful of days agon and I was certain the order will be stuck in customs, but to my surprize, Ryou just bashed home in 3 days. I did not make any box opening images and I strategy to make up for that, but dad was really curious about what I got and hurried me ^^
So Ryou is here!!!
He is Aiji’s twin brother, and I had planned to bring him house waaaay later, but IoS discontinueing the head and placing up a last sale was just tooooo tempting. I am so content for him thou!! I know it really is the very same mold but he was so different appropriate out of the box.
I allso need to buy a brand new body for him from dollzone, given that he is way more pink then the older head and will almost certainly not match anything older than a handful of months. I want him to have the same physique too.
So The painting had to be carried out these days, I had some time, considering that I only got a pair of wings to paint as commission, so I scrubbed off Aiji and just started to paint them at one time. Like performing the layers identically, except the last 1 exactly where there are the tiny modifications. Allso Ryou as a character is not all smiles, like Aiji, so I did my very best to not make him so &quothappy&quot but to leave space for some expression alterations.
So right here are the twins! Aiji and Ryou! They will have the exact same colored eyes but they are nevertheless in the producing by the wonderfull NiuKy+ and Ryou’s hair is stuck in the china post ^^ (A black fur wig…the head actually outrun the wing)


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