mowgli sketches-compare2

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mowgli sketches-compare2
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Image by DTWX
Mowgli sketches-compare 2

Start & Done: Wednesday, March 25, 2009, 1:56:49am
Numbered: Friday, April 10, 2009, 2:32:56am

The second set of Mowgli Sketches of which I would plan 9 of them. *whew*

Panel 1- Mowgli in his cell reaching for the keys with his toes. I had to edit & glue 2 separate screenshots & mold them together for this piece. I like the way Mowgli has his body stretched out in a poseable physical form. The bars weren’t too difficult to work around with if I remember correctly.
Panel 2- Mowgli still in his cell & plotting his escape. I liked the pose & Action Movie type stance.
Panel 3- Mowgli walking away from the scene. I like the way he walks in this one & even improved on the anatomy, most proudly is the back & how I did the shoulder blades and spine. I might’ve went too far on the calf muscles & bottoms of his feet, but I like how it’s structured anyway. 😎
Panel 4- Mowgli sneaking away from his plotting. This was good cuz of the contortion & stature.
Panel 5- Same thing as panel 3, but with his body stretched out more as he crawls on his hands & feet.
Panel 6- Mowgli brakes out, and is possibly not in the best of moods. Once again, I loved his pose on this as he’s about to step down in yet another Action Movie style manner.
Panel 7- Mowgli perched on a tree, waiting for an attack. As you can see, the only thing I had to work around with is his feet, which was pretty tough to draw, so I looked at the 1st Sketches for reference and I nailed down to the very soul (or sole ;p) of the product. 😀
Panel 8- Mowgli getting ready to pounce down & deliver a Can O’ Whoop Ass on some poor dope. The only thing I didn’t like on this is that I made his mouth too widened & the tongue looks too out of place, but that’s just me. The left wrist took about 1 or 2 tries to get it right, and it shows. I also like how Pissed off he looks, which is another reason I kept it in here. :slap:
Panel 9- Mowgli jumping to the ground after panel 8 in a Action style manner that I liked.
Panel 10- Mowgli confronting The Khan with torch in hand ready to do battle. I like how his overall stature just comes out & says “Here I am, so don’t Fudge with me, Bub!” So that why I traced it here. 😎
Panel 11- Mowgli after jumping down the tree after panel 9. I was originally going to expand the panel just to draw the rest of his arm, but I had too many large panels to deal with, so I just left it there. :hmm:
Panel 12- Mowgli jumping on bull before his Final Battle with The Khan. This is my most favorite of the bunch, and probable might be my fave of the whole collection because of the Action Style pose & the general Kick Arse aspect of it. 😎
Panel 13- Mowgli ready to Ride & Rumble on the Hordes. I know all you fan girls are gonna say “FEETSIES!!” or something Looney, but yeah, he does have nice cute lil’ feet & a nummy tummy. I guess.
Panel 14- Mowgli during his Final Encounter with The Khan. I like back views on characters as long as they’re done right, and I did this one pretty right on. The only withdraw is the rest of the feet, or at least the left foot on tip-toe as I think I did it a little too small since us Boys have Big Feet as we age. 😀
Panel 15- Another shot of Mowgli during his Final Fight with The Khan. I like how he stands with torch in hand as if to say “BRING IT ON, SUCKA, THIS IS MY KIND OF SH*T!!” So that’s why it’s here. 😎
Panel 16- “KHHHAAAAANNN!!!” Sorry, had to put that there. ;p But yeah, this Action style pose was really cool to draw with, but whatever reasons, it looked like he has some kind of Psychotic look in his eyes which I have no clue why I unintentionally drew them, but I guess that’s why they call ‘em Savages I think.
Panel 17- Mowgli plunging down to obliterate The Khan with said Dagger. I love how he moves & looks here in yet another type of Action Movie pose as he delivers the Final Kill to the Striped Kitty. :kitty::stab:
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