Image from page 250 of “New life currents in China” (1919)

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Image from page 250 of “New life currents in China” (1919)
china plastic mold
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Identifier: newlifecurrentsi00game
Title: New life currents in China
Year: 1919 (1910s)
Authors: Gamewell, Mary Louise Ninde, 1858-1947
Subjects: Missions — China China
Publisher: New York : Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada
Contributing Library: University of California Libraries
Digitizing Sponsor: MSN

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Text Appearing Before Image:
missionaries, though they may have lived long inChina, may understand the people well, and speakthe language fluently, are in the end still—foreigners. The Development of a Chinese Church The Conquering Church in China, I havecalled this chapter because that is the churchsmission and character, conquering and to conquer.It has many elements of strength; it has somedefects. But the church is young and because it isyoung it is plastic. God grant that in these criticaltimes, when, as a Chinese scholar expressed it, The atmosphere is aquiver with the spirit ofchange, the church may be set in the right mold I The trend of the church is more and more awayfrom foreign control and toward an independentorganization, self-supporting and self-governing.This is not because of a dislike for foreigners, butit springs from a conviction that the time has nowcome when the Chinese are in a position to moveforward and assume larger leadership. The callis for an indigenous church, not one imported; for

Text Appearing After Image:
A group of the clergy at the consecration of Bishop Tsae SengSing of the Anglican Church. This first Chinese bishop is theson of a clergyman and the father of three missionaries. THE CONQUERING CHURCH IN CHINA 205 a religious life adapted to the psychology of theFar East. Dr. C. Y. Cheng, Chinese Secretary ofthe China Continuation Committee, splendidlyvoiced the general thought in a paper he read lastsummer at a missionary conference. Christianityin China, he said, will become Chinese Chris-tianity. We are to present Jesus Christ to thepeople not as a Jewish Messiah, or a EuropeanChrist, but as a real Chinese Savior. There are in China a few congregations, of com-paratively recent date, known as the ChineseChristian Church. Some speak of them as the Independent Church. The Chinese say thisname is misleading inasmuch as foreigners are wel-comed in the councils of these churches in anadvisory capacity. Nor do they like another termsometimes used, the National Church, for as theleaders e

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