Ordering Bulk Stress Balls For Effective Business Promotion

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One of the most popular promotional products for businesses nowadays is the stress ball, also known as stress toys or stress relievers. There are some good reasons for this little item to become a great imprinted promotional gift and here are few of these reasons.

* Quite affordable to make and that makes them “budget-friendly” for businesses
* Small and light-weight make them easy to send through mails or carried in bulk to events without much of a hassle
* The large number of shapes and styles of these balls that are available makes it easy to find the right shaped ball to perfectly represent the business
* Squeezing the ball is a fun activity, and in the process the user squeezes out the pent-up stress that forms within all through the day

Due to stress becoming an increasingly big health problem among Americans, there is a sharp rise in interests in them. Most of the jobs nowadays are mentally and physically challenging and taxing. This is amply proved, knowing the fact that people sitting in a cubicle, or standing for hours, etc., have met with this stressful experience while working during the day. It is in these situations that squeezing a ball could come as a great relief from carpal tunnel syndrome, mental anxiety or an involuntary urge to throw whatever is near at hand at co-workers.

These balls are made from polyurethane foam rubber, making the ball as a malleable “toy”. The ball is made by inserting foam as liquid component into a mold. As the foam goes inside the mold, a chemical reaction takes place that forms a byproduct of carbon dioxide, and that leads to the formation of foam. Nowadays, we can find stress balls that are made from sand-like product or gel, with a covering of cloth or rubber skin, and also balls that are glittering, vibrating, yo-yo and much more types.

Businesses also make use of custom stress ball that perfectly promotes the business it represents or the cause for which it has been made to be used. By putting the company logo on the ball, one can get custom stress balls to specifically promote the cause for which the ball has been created. However, one needs to pay some extra pay to get custom stress balls. This is due to the fact that you get an exclusive right to the shape of the ball so formed. Otherwise, the factory gets the right to the new shape so made. The time taken to produce custom-shaped balls is around 18 weeks, though one needs to order a minimum quantity to get custom stress balls.

If you are looking to find the right shape and size of ball for your specific needs, it would do well to do some research. There are many suppliers of stress balls and browsing the internet would help you in finding these manufacturers. Most of the online suppliers prefer to sell bulk stress balls, though for that they then need a minimum quantity or order of the balls. It is possible to buy this ball with or without the business logo on them. However, if you are looking to buy few of these gift items or are an avid collector, you would find it hard to buy them online. It however must be noted that stress balls are not real toys, though they are popularly known as “stress toys”. This gift item is an advertising item that is meant for adult use and children should never use them as toy item.

A great way to promote your brand or company is doling out promotional items to potential customers. However, not all items that are out there as promotional items could be given away, as not all these items could make a good intended impression on the user about your business or cause. Many of these items are expensive as well that make them unfit to be used as marketing campaign on a larger scale. Stress ball remains as an important item that could be used as giveaway. Order bulkstress balls to the supplier and make an effective impact on your potential customers.

Now make your business campaign a success by ordering bulk stress balls from 1001 Stress Ball, the leader in the industry.

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